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Half Wrist Throttle

Half Wrist Throttle

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Electric Bike Half Wrist Throttle Grip Handle LED Display Indicator/Lock Key Knock Half Twist Throttle


The digital data display, not that common analog signal display, which can accurate judge rest battery level and rest distance can indicate vehicle error according to voltage. This throttle indicates battery level by digital data display, you can judge your rest battery level according to your battery voltage, can also check your battery condition after you charged it full. It is a universal throttle for electric bike, scooter , tricycle, and other electric vehicle.



  1. Universal voltage, fit for 12-84V electric bike or scooters, can identify voltage automatically, timely indicating. (12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, 72V electric vehicles can be used directly, part of the 84V electric vehicles can also be used.)
  2. By turning the real-time voltage value can accurately determine the amount of the remaining amount of electricity.
  3. To avoid traveling on the way without electricity and accurate judgment
    of the lithium battery is damaged.
  4. By turning the real-time voltage value can accurately determine the judge the quality of lithium battery.
  5. Automatic to identification electric vehicles' voltage under 100V, universal used and real-time display.
  6. Universal throttle for electric bike, scooter , tricycle, and other electric vehicle.



Material: ABS + PVC

Color: Black

Package Weight: approx. 320g

Type: Half twist digital data throttle with lock

Wire Length: approx. 2m / 78.7"

Install Hole Diameter: approx. 2.3cm / 0.9"

Working Voltage: Throttle DC1-4.2V, battery level indicator, 12-84v automatically identitify

Conpatible With: Suitable for 12V-99V Electric Bicycle

Fitment: Fit for 22.2mm diameter handle

Five Wires Connection:

  • Yellowis for power positive
  • Blue is for for controller power positive or electric switch, or key lock
  • Three throttle wires:
  • Redis for throttle positive + 5v
  • Greenis for twist throttle signal wire
  • Blackis for throttle negative


Package Included:

2 x Handlebars (1pc right handle, 1pc left handle grip)

2 x Keys



  1. Digital data acquisition and display is more accurate and timely, you can check 'the rest battery level, whether battery is broken the battery quality and it is easy to install.
    2. When installing the non professionals, please pay attention to the line order, can not be connected to the wrong line, otherwise it is very easy to cause the burning of Holzer and LED tube.
  2. Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement. Thanks for your understanding.
  3. Monitors are not calibrated same, item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different from the real object. Please in kind prevail.


Common sense for battery voltage

Different battery materials, new/old condition of battery, and different controller data make battery voltage reflects differently. Please check your battery voltage data according to your battery.

The maximum voltage indicates full charge. The low voltage indicates that the battery is exhausted.

12V ebike max voltage 12V, min voltage 9V
24V ebike max voltage 29V, min voltage 21V
36V ebike max voltage 42V, min voltage 29V
48V ebike max voltage 54V, min voltage 39V
60V ebike max voltage 72V, min voltage 49V
72V ebike max voltage 84V, min voltage 70V


Installation method:
With the car key switch, yellow wire connected to the battery +, blue line controller car key switch wire +.
The car key switch can not be used directly as the main power switch. Otherwise it will burn the wiring harness! Remember! The key switch is to turn on and off the power supply of the vehicle by controlling the internal electronic switch circuit of the controller.

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