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Designed for e-bikes and S-pedelecs: Magura MT5e bicycle brake

The advantages that even the demanding all-mountain / enduro mountain bikers have been able to convince can not be denied even in city traffic: the lightweight brake handle housing made of MAGURA-exclusive Carbotecture material in conjunction with the special pedelec brake lever made of aluminum. Die casting an outstanding ergonomics. Thanks to the magnetiXchange brake pistons, the extra stiff four-piston brake calliper with its easy-to-change brake pads ensures superior braking power in every imaginable driving situation. And the legendary MAGURA Royal Blood as a brake fluid is not only more environmentally friendly than the DOT brake fluid of many competitors, but also the guarantee for lasting low maintenance and thus low operating costs.

Proven four-piston technology on the MT5e for e-bike use

MAGURA has come up with a groundbreaking new solution for the MT5e: a mechanical switch that sits directly in the brake handle. So the brake light is activated even before the onset of braking. This also benefits drive systems with recuperation mode if the drive shutdown is activated as early as possible. And in the event of a fall damage, the replacement is far less expensive than the competition, which places the switch in the brake handle housing. "

For the MT5e Magura recommends the Storm HC brake discs, which in comparison to the previous versions of Storm have an even higher stability and mechanical strength. The new friction ring geometry of the 160 to 203 mm diameter and still 2 mm thick brake discs also ensures optimized wear and noise behavior.

Highlights of the Magura MT5 bicycle brake

  • Ergonomic 2-finger aluminum brake lever
  • Carbotecture® brake handle housing and handlebar clamp
  • Adjustable lever width
  • Forged 4-piston brake calliper with banjo
  • magnetiXchange brake pistons for easy change of lining
  • Weight: only 380 g
  • Compatible with all MAGURA HC and Storm SL discs
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