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MANITOU MARA IL 192-30969-A303 190X50

MANITOU MARA IL 192-30969-A303 190X50

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Designed for the riders that dabble in everything, the Mara is ready for anything. An IPA damper features four different positions ranging from an open mode ready to smash rocks to a firm platform mode for those hard climbs and all out double track sprints. Made with 7050 aerospace-grade aluminum the chassis is both lightweight and durable.

Four position Incremental Platform Adjust (IPA) damper offers a wide range of compression adjustment, utilizing two separate shim stacks to maintain an ideal balance of low-speed and high-speed compression damping throughout the adjustment range

The rebound is similarly controlled through two separate circuits. The first of which is a tapered needle that provides the ability to tune the rebound damping to account for rider weight, leverage ratio, and air spring settings

Item Specifications

External Adjustments

High Speed Compression Damping

External Adjustments

Rebound Damping

Eye to eye length (mm)


Positive Spring


Stroke (mm)



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