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QS 7250J Controller
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QS 7250J Controller

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QS 7250J Controller

  1. Generally SPEC
  • power supply:48V-72V, Limitied current: 50A , Max phase current: 150A
  • Product Size: 280mmx117mmx60mm
  • Net Weight: 1.16kg
  • Testing way: Hall sensor
  • Including: 1pc controller + 1pc Function harness
  • S.: For Software & Manual, please contact with us freely.
  • It support Bluetooth Function with Bluetooth Adapter.

  1. Yuyang King APP Interface

Here are the clear and easy adjustment APP interface.

  1. YKZ7250JGcontroller drawing

Here is drawing of our normal YKZ7250JG controller,  280mmx117mmx60mm

  1. Pin Definition(TBD)

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